River from endless scenery from the end (scenery from the end)


Rong Zhiyun saw that he calmly picked up the cold coffee and drank it in a big gulp. The bitter taste flowed down the mouth to the stomach. She just felt like she was pouring into her heart drop by drop. The heart is bitter and painful, like a knife. Finally, she put the cup heavily on the tea table, pressed the tea table with one hand, and whispered, "Mom thought that you would forget Gu Weiren sooner or later.". But Ah Duan, to this day, you still can't let go. "I have put it down." "Lie." Rong Zhiyun said sharply, staring at her own eyes, "You lie.". You can't even hear this name. Put it down?! Are you lying to me, or to yourself? “……” "So I must tell you the reason for my objection." Seeing the firm and resolute expression on Rong Zhiyun's face, the mask of the soft mother just now disappeared in an instant when she said the word "reason". Rong Zhiyun stood up slowly and said to herself, "Today is your birthday.". A Duan, this day is not an easy day for you and me. I came to see you today to tell you that for so many years, whether I am with you or not, I have never forgotten you, my daughter. Besides, I won't let you resist me like this anymore. Rong Zhiyun bent down and picked up her handbag. "We'll talk about it another day.". Come and see me whenever you want to know that reason. Rong Zhiyun took two steps and turned around. Then she said, "Happy birthday, Ah Duan." 。 The fifth chapter of the main text is the density of branches and tendrils (22). A60899 'labelA60899A60899' Weiren handed Chengmin a handkerchief and Chengmin took it. What bad luck. "Why is it me?" She cried. She looked up at Weiren. A pair of red eyes. In the afternoon, she received an urgent order to go back to the Ministry, informing her that because there was a high-level visit to Japan immediately, the embassy was understaffed and ordered her to cancel her vacation and return to Japan to participate in the preparatory work. She kept crying and talking. …… I'm on vacation. I'm going to get married. It's agreed. I don't need it this time. Why did you pick me again? I.. What shall we do? She was sobbing. She is busy preparing for the wedding, which will be held soon. It's not too late to come back after the mission? "Wei Ren." She wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief. "What do you say?" Wei Ren looked at Cheng Min, "listen to you." Seung-min sniffed. Weiren took her hand. Her hands were wet and sticky with tears. Weiren smiled comfortingly,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, "If you don't want to postpone, we will advance." "No!" Seung-min immediately shook his head. She doesn't want to get married in such a hurry. She wants to walk into the auditorium with Weiren calmly. She can marry Weiren. This is not an easy thing. She couldn't help feeling sad. I thought that when I came back this time, I would become Weiren's wife smoothly, but there was still a change. She really has all kinds of feelings in her heart, but she can't say it. Weiren shook her hand and said, "Work is important." "You are more important to me." As soon as Chengmin's words came out of his mouth, Weiren was stunned. Chengmin lowered his head, "if I had known." You should apply for a transfer first. What she didn't say, in fact, was that she began to feel a little uneasy. This uneasiness also does not know where to come from, she just faintly feels, the wedding day does not hold, naringenin price ,akba boswellic acid, only benevolence to her, is erratic. What if he floats away like a balloon? Weiren clenched Chengmin's hand and said softly, "Fool.". A mission is a mission. Besides, it's just a delay. Seung-min cut him off. "How long?"? One month? Two months? A lot can happen in a month or two! Weiren was silent for a moment. "So, what are you worried about?" Seung-min pursed his lips. Are you worried about me? Seung-min turned away and said, "I'm just worried about you." Weiren pulled Chengmin's face, and when he saw the tears in Chengmin's eyes, he felt sad. Seung Min tried to hold back the tears, but the tears were like broken beads, rolling down. Weiren wiped her tears with his fingers, and soon his hands were wet. "Silly girl, are you a premarital phobia?" He tried to make a joke, but as soon as the words came out, he made Chengmin cry even more. He simply hugged his neck and cried out of breath in his arms, suffering a great grievance. Weiren let her cry. After a while, Chengmin calmed down a little, but still hugged Weiren. Hold it tight. Like a sad little girl, holding a ragged bear, so that she can feel secure and reliable. Weiren raised his hand and pulled her arm down. I saw beads of sweat on Seung-min's forehead. Crying is also a powerful work, Xiaomin. Weiren sighed. When Chengmin heard this, he laughed again. Pick up the veil to wipe the sweat on the forehead, a little embarrassed. Weiren got up, poured hot water to Chengmin, took a towel, soaked it in the warm water in the copper basin, wrung it out, and handed it to Chengmin to wipe her face. Chengmin opened the towel, folded it twice and covered it on his face. The dry and painful skin, which was covered with tears, felt more comfortable when it was soothed by the warm moisture. Xiaomin She heard Weiren calling her in a very soft voice. She could not help but feel a surge of emotion. There is a kind of bewitching power in Weiren's voice. Xiaomin, "Weiren said slowly and slowly," this time, I won't run. " Chengmin grabbed the towel and stared at Weiren in front of him. Both of them were motionless, just looking at each other. There are patches of pink in front of Chengmin's eyes, which are cherry blossoms flying in April. When the cherry blossoms fall like snow, he walks on the Cherry Blossom Avenue, so handsome, so lonely, but as long as she looks at his back, she feels happy, sweet,turmeric extract powder, and falls into a dream. As long as he appeared, everything became his background. There is only one Gu Weiren in her eyes. She kept following his footsteps until one day, she had the courage to hold his hand. And he didn't refuse. Ryu Seung-min finally has Gu Weiren. You won't run.. prius-biotech.com

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